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The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) advances quality education and equal opportunity by promoting fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial evaluations of students, teachers and schools. FairTest also works to end the misuses and flaws of testing practices that impede those goals.

We place special emphasis on eliminating the racial, class, gender, and cultural barriers to equal opportunity posed by standardized tests, and preventing their damage to the quality of education. Based on Goals and Principles, we provide information, technical assistance and advocacy on a broad range of testing concerns, focusing on three areas: K-12, university admissions, and employment tests.

FairTest publishes an electronic newsletter, The Examiner, plus a full catalog of materials on both K- 12 and university testing to aid teachers, administrators, students, parents and researchers.  FairTest also has numerous fact sheets available to educate you on standardized testing and alternative assessment.

FairTest's current projects include the following:

  • Working with other groups in Testing Resistance and Reform Spring to help local activist builds their campaigns and link up with one another.
  • Leading the national Forum on Educational Accountability, which seeks to overhaul the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind and related programs.
  • Advancing ‘test-score optional’ college admissions programs, including our listing of more than 800 such colleges.
  • Promoting the use of authentic, performance-based assessments and classroom/school-based evidence gathered over time to improve teaching and learning and inform communities.
  • Supporting efforts to halt the misuse of student test scores in judging teachers and other educators.
  • The Assessment Reform Network aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among teachers, parents, education reform and civil rights organizations seeking to improve student assessment practices in their communities.
  • Uncovering the bias, misuses and coachability of the SAT, ACT and similar college entrance exams.
  • Attacking the false notions that test scores equal merit.

FairTest is grateful for support  from the Bay and Paul Foundations, Chicago Teachers Union Foundation, Schott Foundation, New World Foundation, Wiener Educational Foundation, National Education Association, other organizations, and many individual donors.

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Get information about FairTest's Staff and Board.

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