Model Testing Survey

Model Testing Survey

Here are the survey questions, unformatted, that you could copy to format a survey in a tool other than JotForm. To see what the format could be, check out the pdf or the JotForm versions. The language below in brackets [ ] provides instructions for formatting but is not part of the survey itself.

FairTest and the Time to Learn Committee developed the following Model Testing Survey. We focused on a primary purpose: to collect information from educators to show the public and policymakers how much time is lost to testing and what damage is done to children’s education caused by over-testing. You can then use that to win them over to reduce or eliminate district/school-base standardized testing.

Time to Learn Survey: Impact of Testing on Teaching and Learning

Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey created by teachers for teachers so that we can share the experience of educators in the classroom. The purpose of the survey is to determine the amount of testing and its impact on curriculum, teaching and learning. The data will be used to communicate with and inform education decision makers (school boards, legislators, administrators, etc.), media, and the general public about the amount and consequences of testing.
Your response will be confidential. Reports will omit any information that would make it possible to identify a survey respondent or a specific school.

1. My level is:
1.    Kindergarten, First, Second
2.    Elementary, 3rd grade and above
3.    Middle School
4.     High School
5.     Other (please specify) [will be a box for them to enter this info]

2. I am a/an:
___ regular classroom  teacher
___ special education teacher
___ specialist teacher (elementary music, art, PE,  etc.)
___ elective teacher (secondary P.E. teacher/coach, fine arts, vocational, etc.)
___ counselor, diagnostician, librarian or other non-teacher specialist
___ other (please specify) [box provided]

3. Please mark [check] each of the tests that you are required by the school/site, district or state to administer to your students, then indicate how useful you find the ones you checked.

[Here each district will list all site/school, state and district-mandated standardized or large-scale tests that are administered, including ones that are administered individually to most or all students (e.g., DIBELS). When this is set for computer, it will have to be set up for each district affiliate to enter this information with a box or line before each one so people can check it off; then after the name of the assessment, respondents would check one of these: ]

    very useful
    somewhat useful
    not useful

___ DIBELS     __ very useful        __ somewhat useful    __not useful    ___ harmful

Please list other mandated tests that you are required to administer and indicate how useful you find them [Box provided]

4. About how many of your school days per year are affected by the administration of site, district or state-mandated tests listed under Question 3?
    1. 1­ - 10 days
    2. 11­ - 25 days
    3. 26 - ­40 days
    4. 41 - ­55 days
    5. 56 - ­70 days
    6. 71 - ­85 days
    7. 86 - ­100 days
    8. More than 100 days
Other (please specify in the comment box, below).

5. What share of your annual teaching time do you spend on test preparation and administration?
    1. 0­ - 10%
    2. 11­ - 20%
    3. 21­ - 30%
    4. 31­ - 40%
    5. More than 40%
    COMMENTS PLEASE: [box provided]

6. Have you altered your curriculum to prepare your students for the tests?
    ___ Not at all
    ___ Small amount
    ___ Modest amount
    ___ A great deal

[Note that 7 below is pasted in; it will have to be redone for use on computer.]

7. Read each statement carefully. Indicate whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, or don't know.

Strongly Agree    Agree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    N/A

The frequency and amount of site, district, or state mandated assessment is appropriate.   
Students are required to take more site, district, or state mandated assessments than ever before.   
Students perceive site, district, or state mandated assessment requirements as fair and reasonable.   
Students experience test anxiety on site, district, or state mandated assessment days.  
Students seem to perform better on teacher­made assessments than on site, district, or state mandated assessments.  
Students seem more engaged in learning because of site, district, or state mandated assessments.   
Site, district, or state mandated assessments are diminishing student joy of learning.  
The quality of student work is improving because of site, district, or state mandated assessments.   
In general, students receive meaningful feedback on their test results in a timely manner. 
Site, district, or state mandated assessments are age and content appropriate for  my students.  
Other  (please specify)                    

8. Count me in:
     I would like to come to a union meeting about the overuse of standardized testing.
     I want to join a committee on the reduction of unnecessary testing.
     [could be other actions suggested or leave open for locals to add in other actions]

9. In this space, you can share a story about how standardized testing affects you, your students, or education in general.