K-12 Testing

FairTest's work on K-12 testing issues centers on four broad concerns:

FairTest addresses these issues through:

  • The Assessment Reform Network, which has the primary goal of opening doors for disadvantaged children and improve the quality of education for everyone. The ARN strategy is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among teachers, parents, education reform and civil rights organizations seeking to improve student assessment in their communities.
  • FairTest also comments on testing issues in the major daily and education dailies and weeklies, on television and radio, and at conferences and hearings.
  • FairTest helps organize collaborations of education, civil rights, parent and other organizations to work for assessment reform.

FairTest has authored numerous fact sheets and publications (such as annotated bibliographies) in the K-12 area, including:



Links to information on tests and state testing programs.

  • http://www.homeroom.com/irp/HR_assess_info.asp This Princeton Review website has state by state testing program information that appears to be accurate (though some may be out of date). There is no critical analysis.
  • Buros Center for Testing http://www.unl.edu/buros/ produces the Mental Measurements guide - click on test reviews and you can obtain information on thousands of tests (not the tests however) for $15 per review.