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Testing Resistance & Reform News: July 11 - 17, 2018

Yet another state -- Indiana -- dropped its graduation testing requirement this week.  A decade ago, nearly two dozen jurisdictions required students to pass a  high school exit exam.  Now the number is just twelve. In addition, several states -- -- have retroactively awarded diplomas to young adults who completed their coursework but failed a now cancelled testing hurdle.  The strong position against high-stakes exams adopted by the NAACP should add more muscle to campaigns to eliminate these barriers.

National NAACP Opposes High-Stakes Testing

Testing Resistance & Reform News: July 4 - 10, 2018

More "fallout from the testing explosion" as this week's stories document both the damage from high-stakes standardized overkill and the growing grassroots movement pushing for genuine assessment reform

Alabama State Board Considers How to Replace ACT Aspire Test

Arizona If High-Stakes Tests Don't Make Sense, Neither Will the Results

Testing Resistance & Reform News: June 27 - July 3, 2018

Happy Fourth of July! Be sure to celebrate the growing movement for independence from standardized testing misuse and overuse.

Arizona Districts Can Drop State Test, Choose Other Standardized Exam

Florida Inconsistent Treatment of End-of-Course Test Scores

Testing Resistance & Reform News: June 20 - 26, 2018

What's wrong with current high-stakes testing policies? Check out this week's clips to see some of the damage to educational quality and equity from standardized exam overuse and misuse.  There's also very good news with the University of Chicago, one of the nation's most selective schools, adopting a test-optional admissions policy.

National Why Test Blindly?  Secrecy Supports Exam Industry, Not Education

Testing Resistance & Reform News: June 13 -19, 2018

What a week!  The University of Chicago drops ACT/SAT admissions testing requirements; Seattle teachers endorse a moratorium on standardized exams; and many state continue to rollback testing overkill.  Momentum for meaningful assessment reform is clearly building.

California Hot Classrooms From Climate Change Could Set Schools Up to Fail

Illinois Chicago Teachers Negotiate Right to Block Tests That Are Not Mandated by State or Feds

Testing Resistance & Reform News: June 6 - 12, 2018

With the academic year wrapping up across the U.S., education news coverage is turning to the many negative impacts of excessive testing requirements on students, teachers, schools and communities.  This fall's state and local elections can help define a new framework for assessment policy making 

Testing Resistance & Reform News: May 30 - June 5, 2018

The human impact from high-stakes standardized exams has often been ignored by mainstream media.  Not this week!  Check out the stories highlighting the real harm done to children, their families and educators by testing overkill.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: May 23-29, 2018

The growing impact of the assessment reform movement is clear in this week's clips, many of which reflect a critical perspective on test overuse and misuse. This fall's elections will play a major role in determining whether new public officials will roll back standardized exam overkill or if the same old officials will continue discredited test-and-punish policies.

Arizona Why Is "D" Rated School Shamed Instead of Helped

Testing Resistance & Reform News: May 15 - 22, 2018

The message from parents, students, educators and community leaders could not be clearer: the path to educational progress requires reducing testing and eliminating high stakes.  Policy-makers in many jurisdictions are starting to listen and implement real assessment reforms.  Keep the pressure on!

Florida Kindergarten "Readiness" Testing Is Part of War on Youngest Children
Florida Increase in Exit Exam Alternative Cut Scores Could Reduce Graduation Rate

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