FairTest Report: Test Reform Victories Surge in 2017: What’s Behind the Winning Strategies?

FairTest Report: Test Reform Victories Surge in 2017: What’s Behind the Winning Strategies?

Assessment reform campaigns rolled back the amount of testing and slashed

Time to Learn Survey: Impact of Testing on Teaching and Learning

FairTest worked with the National Coalition of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) Time on Learning Committee to develop a survey that teacher unions can use with their members to expose the consequences of high-stakes testing. It can be adapted for use by parent, student and community groups.

The survey is available at

FairTest’s Communications Strategy Framework

FairTest’s Communications Strategy Framework: CLICK HERE for PDF

Video of Karen Lewis at FairTest event

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, delivered a thoughtful and passionate talk to FairTest and our guests on receiving her Hero in Education award on June 4. She traces the links between testing and the social inequalities it perpetuates. View the 5-minute video here.

Help FairTest Grow the Testing Reform Movement

FairTest is a national hub for the test resistance and reform movement.  Every day, thousands of parents, educators, journalists and public officials use our web materials or contact our office for help. With your help, FairTest can meet the exploding demand for assistance and leadership. Together, we can build and sustain a vibrant movement and win major change.

Here are ways you can help:

Monty Neill's oral testimony to NY Senate hearings on testing

October 24, 2013
Senator John J. Flanagan, Chair
Committee on Education

RE: The Regents Reform Agenda: "Assessing" Our Progress Oral Testimony

Dear Chairman Flanagan and Members of the Committee:

Thank you. My name is Monty Neill and I am Executive Director of FairTest, the National
Center for Fair & Open Testing, headquartered in Boston. We are the nation’s sole organization
focused on assessment reform. We address a range of issues, including standardized test quality,

FairTest Infographic: Common Core: More Tests, But Not Better


FairTest Under Attack! -- How You Can Help

As the assessment reform movement grows ever stronger - with many more students opting out of exams and dozens of additional colleges dropping ACT/SAT requirements - knee-jerk defenders of the test-crazy status quo have launched a nasty counter-attack focused on FairTest.

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