Oakland Education Association Statement

PASSED 6/1/00 BY OEA [Oakland CA Education Association] EXECUTIVE BOARD

Whereas standardized tests such as the Stanford 9 do not address the huge economic, social, cultural, and language disparities among the state1s student population, and;

Whereas these norm referenced tests are formulated to ensure 50% of test takers score below the 50th percentile, and;

Whereas the Stanford 9 is not aligned with the California State Standards nor with the curriculum, and;

Whereas these tests do not measure the instructional effectiveness of teachers nor are they useful as diagnostic tools, and;

Whereas high stakes tests are being used to enact punitive measures against students, teachers, and districts, and;

Whereas the use of multiple measures of assessment is a more valid method of measuring achievement, effectiveness and accountability;

Be it therefore resolved that the OEA opposes the use of standardized tests such as the Stanford 9 as the sole measure of accountability, of the allotment of monetary resources, and of awarding teacher bonuses and directs its CTA State Council Delegates to actively support and approve the adoption of a policy statement by CTA which opposes high stakes testing.