New Tool to Combat College Board/ETS Testing Screw Ups

Were you or a child you work with one of the thousands of examinees who experienced access issues, scoring problems, administrative issues, trouble receiving accommodations or using them, or concerns about the use of your data or test security on standardized exams sponsored by College Board or Educational Testing Service (ETS)?

Now, you have a new tool to seek justice and compensation.

FairShake, an innovative consumer rights service, has launched a platform designed specifically to handle claims against College Board/ETS for problems related to their standardized exams, including the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam. FairShake’s mission is to level the playing field between individuals and big companies, and it was named a Best Invention of 2020 by TIME Magazine and has been featured in major publications including USA Today, CNET, the New York Times.

College Board contends that students who registered for certain of its programs or who took certain College Board exams, including the 2020 AP Exams, are subject to its arbitration clause and may not pursue individual or class claims in court-- but this doesn’t mean test-takers have no recourse.

FairShake helps individuals through an independent claims process so they have a chance to recover for losses suffered as the result of College Board’s actions.

To start your claim (or a claim on behalf of your child), please go to FairShake’s College Board website.

Questions? Please find more information about how it works here and answers to some common questions here. More questions? Contact information can be found here.

Note that FairTest has no relationship with FairShake -- the name similarity is coincidental.