FairTest Article on NCLB in AFSC journal Peacework

FairTest Article on NCLB in AFSC journal Peacework:

 The September issue of Peacework focues on education activism, providing a rich set of resources for parents, educators, students and other activists. FairTest's Monty Neill's lead article focuses on overhauling federal law (at http://www.peaceworkmagazine.org/beyond-no-child-left-behind). Issue contents are summarized below. You can read all the articles on the web at http://www.peaceworkmagazine.org/.

Peacework will send folks as many print copies as they can use. For requests of over 25 copies they ask recipients simply to cover the cost of shipping. Send your requests to Sara Burke SBurke@afsc.org.


September Peacework



Beyond “No Child Left Behind”
By Monty Neill

The country must change the conversation from passing tests to teaching and learning.


New Life for High School Civics: Youth Organizers Campaign Successfully for Better Classes
By Courtney Clemente

“We set up meetings with people we felt like were allies, and invited them to our hearing. It’s hard to say no to a group of kids wanting to learn, wanting to make a difference.”


Focusing on the Children: Early Childhood Programs in Conflicts Around the World (review)
By Barbara Price

The effects conflict has on children and families are common around the world, as are the key challenges for early educators working amidst the conflicts.


Homeschooling Leaves Home: A Resource Center for Teens Who Choose to Leave School
By Susannah Sheffer

But doesn’t homeschooling mean parents teaching their own kids at home? What does a center like this have to do with homeschooling?


The Joys and Challenges of Public Schools: An Activist Roundtable
By Kathleen Kelly, Curtis Gomez, Lisa Graustein, and James Noonan

“In order to fix our schools, we all need to start taking responsibility for the racism, poverty, and violence that are what’s really undercutting them.”


Countering Military Recruitment in Schools
By Sam Diener

After a long campaign, the San Francisco School Board finally voted in 2006 to phase out JROTC from the district.