Childhood vs NCLB

K-12 Testing

FairTest Examiner - July 2008

Read Susan Ohanian's new book, When Childhood Collides with NCLB, for her righteous anger over what is done to children in the name of school improvement and equity, for the pointed humor and puncturing of myths, for the accumulation of evidence of the damage being done. Consider her empathy for teachers caught in the testing machine, but her frustration that teachers too rarely act on what they know. Note the almost impenetrable bureaucrat-speak of <the> corporate shills for high-stakes testing <whom> she <quotes>.

This short book is a delightful pointillist polemic and call to action, with many small pieces that advocates can use as examples. The book, however, does not offer a strategy for moving forward beyond rejecting NCLB. Readers will need to go to other sources to identify the political strategies and possible content necessary to win a new federal education law.

Susan's website is; or write a check for $8.95 made out to VSSE (Vermont Society for the Study of Education) and mail to Susan Ohanian, P.O. Box 26, Charlotte, VT 05445.