Chicago’s ERA Plan

K-12 Testing

A coalition of Chicago groups has proposed an educational accountability plan for the Chicago Public Schools which would replace reliance on tests with a mix composed primarily of classroom- and school-based information, such as student work samples, portfolios, and teacher- made tests. The plan is largely based on the Massachusetts CARE proposal (see Examiner, Fall 1999). The Evaluation Report for Assessment and Acountability (ERA) plan accepts the Illinois state tests, which are not high stakes, but calls on Chicago Public Schools to end reliance on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (see stories, p ). The ERA plan seeks to bolster the Illinois school quality review process, in which teams of experts conduct a detailed study of a school once every 4-5 years, and which requires schools to conduct annual internal reviews. Illinois already requires each school to develop an improvement plan, which in Chicago must be approved by each school’s parent-majority Council. The ERA proposal would be integrated with these requirements, which the Chicago organizations think should be more fully implemented.


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