Testing Resistance & Reform News: July 18 - 24, 2013

How much more evidence do policy makers need before they recognize that test-and-punish policies have failed? Learning gains have stagnated, progress toward closing the "achievement gap" has stalled, and their constituents increasingly reject the strategy. Even some of their strongest newspaper editorial page allies -- including the New York Times and Los Angeles Times -- are saying that it is time to look at alternative approaches.  Enough is enough!

Major National Survey Finds Parents Strongly Oppose Standardized Testing Misuse and Overuse

Building a Successful Assessment Reform Movement

Building a Successful Assessment Reform Movement -- A Three-Part Series by FairTest


FairTest staff analyze the growing resistance to high-stakes tests and propose steps toward growing a larger, more effective movement. Part I discusses the need for over-arching strategies to guide the work. Part II explains why we need to push for authentic assessments. And Part III offers specific tactics activists can employ.

FairTest submits testimony on accountability to House Education Committee

The US House of Representatives Education Committee held hearings on "accountability" May 7, 2013. FairTest submitted testimony opposing high-stakes testing and test-based accountability and supporting educationally sound approaches to assessment and accountability.

See the PDF of the testimony here.



View New Webinar on Authentic Performance Assessment.

View webinar on authentic performance assessment, featuring presenters from FairTest, Learning Record and NY Performance Standards Consortium.

High Quality Assessment for Instruction and Accountability
An FEA Webinar

Comprehensive School Quality Reviews

Comprehensive School Quality Reviews: FairTest has
collaborated with Coalition for Effective Schools on a Working Paper
and a Summary (PDF) of a Review system. 

Fact Sheet: A Better Way to Evaluate Schools (PDF)

“A Better Way to Evaluate Schools” outlines a 3-part school evaluation system – school quality reviews, limited standardized testing, plus school-based and local evidence.

FEA: A Research- and Experience-Based Turnaround Process

June 17, 2010

FairTest Reaction to President Obama's State of the Union Proposals on School "Reform"

for more information, contact
Dr. Monty Neill  (617) 522-0801
Bob Schaeffer  (239) 395-6773

for immediate release, Wednesday evening, January 27, 2010

Forum on Educational Accountability Successful in its Efforts to Improve the Higher Education Act

Contact: Gary Ratner
Executive Director, Citizens for Effective Schools
301 469-8000                               


Forum on Educational Accountability Successful in its Efforts to Improve the Higher Education Act, P.L. 110-315

Testing Our Children: Introduction

Testing Our Children:


A Report Card on State Assessment Systems





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