Testing Resistance & Reform News: September 5 - 11, 2013

The school year is barely underway, and already many stories are appearing about the escalating resistance to testing overkill and Common Core exams.

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Standardized Testing Sparks Growing Grassroots Rebellion

Parents Unite Online Against School Testing

Upstate NY Legislators Push to Roll Back Testing Overkill

Are State Tests Unfair to English Language Learners?

Latino Students Cannot Afford More High-Stakes Testing by FairTest's Lisa Guisbond

FairTest's Monty Neill on Student-Centered Learning

Common Core Testing a Flawed Metric

Common Core Will Not Mean Less Teaching to the Test

FairTest Fact Sheet on Common Core Myths

Teacher Testing Push Takes Toll of Minority Candidates

Teachers Protest Start of Controversial New Evaluation System

How Flawed Evaluation System Wronged One Great Teacher

After NCLB?  Emerging Strategy Shift

USC Student Calls Out Michelle Rhee

A Closer Look at What School Test Scores Really Mean

No Accountability it "School Accountability"

An Alternative to Test "Accountability" Based Education "Reform"

Artists Protest High-Stakes Testing

Google Leader: Fear-Based Testing Regimes Undermine Education Innovation

The Case Against the SAT: Tests Don't Predict Students' Potential Success

The Wrong Kind of Reform: Review of Three New Books

New Book --"Teacher and Student Evaluation: The Failure of School 'Reform'"