Testing Resistance & Reform News: April 1 - 7, 2020

Pressure from parents, educators and community leaders has now forced policy makers in all 50 states to apply for and receive waivers from federal testing requirements. But some jurisdictions still need to act to suspend their own standardized exam mandates for high school exit exams, grade promotion, teacher evaluation and similar (mis-)uses.   If any standardized tests are still required in your state this spring, tell your elected officials, allies, and the news media to cancel them ASAP! -- feel free to contact FairTest for help.

At the same time, more than 50 colleges and universities have adopted ACT/SAT-optional policies for current high school juniors. Several dozen more have suspended testing requirements for admission this summer and fall.

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National All States Now Have Waivers From Federally-Mandated Exams for This School Year, But Many Must Address Local Test Requirements

Florida Governor Waiver Covers Only Some State Testing Requirements

Kentucky State Education Dept. Considering Waiver of Civics Test Graduation Requirement

Maine All Statewide Testing Cancelled but District Can Administer Local Tests

Massachusetts Cancel State Graduation Test: Call Your Legislator Now -- Action Alert!

Minnesota All State and Federal Test Mandates Cancelled for Year

Mississippi End-of-Course Test Graduation Requirements Waived for This Year

New York State Cancels June Regents Tests

North Carolina Use Break From Testing to Evaluate Teacher Bonus Program

Tennessee Under Emergency Law, "On Track" Students Will Graduate without Civics Test

Texas Schools Won't Receive "A-to-F" Grades This Year

Utah State School Board Waives Some Exam Requirements, But Legislature Must Act to Suspend Civics Tests

Virginia Homeschoolers Still Have to Test Despite Waivers for Public School Students

University Admissions Entire California University System Eliminates ACT/SAT Requirement for at Least One Year
University Admissions Many More Colleges Go ACT/SAT Optional After Spring Tests Called Off
University Admission Updated Master List of 1,100+ Test-Optional Colleges and Supplemental Files

Worth Reading Rethinking K-12 "Accountability" Post-Epidemic
Worth Reading Test Cancellations Threaten Pearson's Profits

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