Employment Testing


FairTest's creation was catalyzed by the settlement of the landmark "Golden Rule" lawsuit which charged that the insurance agent licensing exam made by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) was racially biased and not job related.

Employment testing has been one of FairTest's three areas of concern (along with K-12 and university testing) since the very beginning.

Our quarterly newsletter, the Examiner covers employment tests for plumbers, lawyers, pharmacists and other occupations. We focus especially on teacher testing. Follow the links below for more information.

Look here for articles on employment testing from our quarterly newsletter, the FairTest Examiner:

July 2007 Email Examiner
Employment Testing: Public Safety Hiring Tests Challenged

October 2006 Email Examiner
Teacher Testing: PRAXIS Miscoring Lawsuit Settlement Approved with More Money for Plaintiffs
Teacher Testing: U.S. Appeals Court Reinstates N. Y. Teacher Test Discrimination Case

August 2006 E-Examiner
Teacher Testing: African-American Legislators Endorse Teacher-Test Alternatives
Employment Testing: Firefighter Tests Found Racially Biased

May 2006 E-Examiner
ETS Pays $11.1 Million to Settle Teacher Test Lawsuit

Spring 2005
Biased Chicago Firefighter Test

Winter 2004-2005
Teacher Score-Error Cases Advance
Alabama Teacher Testing Resumes

Fall 2004
Suits Filed Over Teacher Test Scoring Error

Spring-Summer 2004
Teacher Test Score Fiasco

Fall 2003
Southern Ed. Fund Blasts Teacher Tests

Fall 2001
Teacher Test Scoring Flunks

Summer 2001
Reports Blast Teacher Tests

Winter 2000-2001
CA Test Upheld by Federal Appeals Court
Test Added to Ohio Licensing Requirements

Summer 2000
Dockworkers Stop Irrelevant Test
Another Defeat for MMPI Psychological Test
Blind Test-Takers Win Accommodations

Spring 2000
California Teacher Testing
Teacher Tests Research vs. Politics

Summer 1999
Mass. Teacher Test Blasted Again

Winter 1998-1999
New MA Teachers' Test Fails Professional Standards

Summer 1998
North Carolina Lawmakers Alter Testing Plan

Spring 1998
N.C. Teachers Sue Over State Test
Guest Essay: Maybe You Wouldn't Want Me to Teach Your Child ... by Lois Weiner, Ed.D.

Winter 1998
Teacher Testing Increases

Spring 1997
CBEST Decision Appealed
Plumbers' Exam: A Case Study 

Fall 1996
Teacher Test Plaintiffs to Appeal
Louisiana State Police Exam Replaced
New Employment Testing Reference 

Summer 1996
Complaint Filed Against Teacher Test
RI ACLU Defeats Pharmacist Test 

Spring 1996
Custodian Test Challenged
CBEST Trial Postponed 

Fall 1995
Performance Assessment for Teachers
NYC Teacher Protest Exam
Bar Exam to Add Performance Test
Test Flunks Experienced Van Drivers 

Summer 1995
Truth-In-Testing Vetoed for Bar
CBEST Goes to Trial 

Spring 1995
Medical Licensing Exam Biased
Idaho Drops Teacher Test
Testing Pro Football Players
Accountants' Exam Goes Secret 

Winter 1995 (Online articles are not available prior to W95- For Backcopies contact the FairTest office)
Feds Eliminate Hiring Test
ETS Teacher Test
Second Lawsuit Filed Against California Teacher Test
ETS Unveils New Teacher Tests

Fall 1994
CA Teacher Test Suit Moves Forward

Fall 1993
Think Tank Seeks Changes In Teacher Test
Teacher Test Challengers Win First Round

Summer 1993
Psychological Test Blocked In California
Support Grows For California Teacher Test Challenge

Spring 1993
Second Lawsuit Filed Against California Teacher Test
ETS Unveils New Teacher Tests

Winter 1993
Illinois Writes Golden Rule Bias Reduction Reforms Into Law
Plan To Reform Teacher Testing
New York Committee Charges Bar Exam Unfair And Inadequate

Fall 1992
Lawsuit Charges Teacher Test Is Discriminatory
Arizona Drops One Teacher Test
Civil Service Reform Sparks Protest

Winter 1992
Illinois Advisory Committee Endorses Golden Rule

Fall 1991
Rhode Island Drops NTE Requirement
The "All, New, Improved NTE": More Hurdles For Prospective Teachers

Summer 1991
Testing "Red Herring" Blocks Civil Rights Bill

Fall 1990
Employment Testing Victories
NTE Scoring Errors Show Need For Truth-In-Testing

Spring 1990
Bar Exam Debated

Fall 1989
New MMPI - Still No Validity For Employment

Summer 1989
Article Backs Golden Rule Settlement
Supreme Court Undermines Employment Test Challenges
Federal Tests Questioned

Spring 1989
Litigating Employment Testing Cases
Panel Urges Moratorium On Teacher Competency Test

Winter 1989
Tests Keep Thousands Of Minorities Out Of Teaching
Black Police Officers File Suit Against Kansas City, KS

Fall 1988
US Agency Finds Texas Test Unfair
ETS To Drop NTE In Face Of Rising Criticism

Summer 1988
Wisconsin Examines Bias In Licensing Tests
Coaching Works For Job Tests, Too
NTE Use Wipes Out Maryland Minority Teachers
New York Court Upholds Band Scoring
Feds Set Pace By Abandoning Biased Tests

Spring 1988
ETS Pulls NTE From NYC
ETS Halts NTE Use
NES Teacher Tests Shot Down In Alabama And Georgia
Northeast Holmes Opposes Teacher Tests
Feds Correct Jobs Test Race Bias

Winter 1988
Teacher Test Flunks New York Study: Movement To Overhaul Exams Grows
Teacher Test Called Biased
New York Bar Exam
NYC Police Test

Fall 1987
Lawsuits Challenge NTE Use In MA, GA

Summer 1987
Testing Reform Goes National
Testing Reform Goes National
Testing Reform Goes National
Testing Reform Goes National
Teacher Assessment Assessed
New ETS-Created Teacher Council
A Look At The NTE
No New Teacher Tests
Testing For Jobs
Police "Exam Scam" Judgement
Settlement Clears Way For Police Promotions

Spring 1987
Teacher Testing: Victory In Alabama
Defective State Bar Exam
Teacher Tests
Controversial Police Exam
Exam Scam
Occupations That Require Licensing And Certification Exams
ETS' Multistate Cosmetology Licensing Exam
Focus On ETS
AACTE Resolution