Testing Reform in the News -- November 9 - 15, 2012

As the public digests the implication of last week's election results, there is increasing push back against the high-stake-testing status quo and the politicians who stubbornly embrace it in the face of ever-growing resistance (and evidence)!

Revolt Against High-Stakes Testing Escalates

Testing Reform in the News -- October 31 - November 8, 2012

With the 2012 election now history, we can return to the hard work of making politicians see the light about the need for real assessment reform.

FairTest offers several new columns and fact sheets as resources for that ongoing campaign along with links to a number of good pieces by our allies

Why So Many People Are Saying "Enough is Enough" to High-Stakes Testing

Testing Reform in the News -- October 25 - 31, 2012

Assessment reform pressure continued to escalate even as Hurricane Sandy slammed ashore.  Best wishes to our friends and allies in the mid-Atlantic states as they recover from the storm.

Arne Duncan's Legacy: Doubling Down on High Stakes Testing Failures

Testing Reform in the News -- October 18 - 24, 2012

The drumbeat of criticism focused on test-driven education "reform" continues to strengthen.  With sufficient pressure after Election Day, more public officials may begin to shift from chanting "no excuses" rhetoric and doubling-down on failed policies to examining the evidence and moving toward saner policies.

Politicians Blame Their Own Team for Education Failures  -- from FairTest Board member Deborah Meier

Testing Reform in the News -- October 11 - 17 , 2012

Another round of thoughtful, evidence-based analyses of the educational fallout from the test-and-punish status quo, issues which the Presidential debates continue to ignore

Why Almost all School Reforms Fail -- They Ignore Poverty's Impact

Testing Reform Can Help Save Public Education

It's Time to Get Rid of Standardized Tests

Testing Reform in the News -- October 2 - October 9, 2012

Another week with lots of news and commentary about assessment reform . . . plus ever more challenges from die-hard defenders of the failing, high-stakes testing status quo.

More Tests, But Not Much Better: New Common Core Assessments Are "Pigs in a Poke" 

Texas District Rebuilds After Fraudulent Scheme to Push Out Low Test Scorers

Testing Reform in the News -- September 26 - October 2, 2012

Another incredibly visible week for assessment reformers.  Lots of media coverage documenting the damage from high-stakes testing as well as better alternatives.  Here are some of the best editorials, stories, columns and blogs.

Putting the SAT in Its Place

Testing Reform in the News -- September 17 - 25, 2012

Another week chock-full of good coverage of test-misuse critics and the growing resistance to high-stakes standardized exams:

What Do ACT and SAT Scores Really Mean?

Testing Reform in the News -- September 10 - September 17 , 2012

The Chicago Teachers strike catalyzed criticism of high-stakes testing, generating hundreds of good news stories and opinion columns.  Here's a selection of the best, including several written by FairTest or quoting us.

Chicago Teachers Say "No" to High-Stakes Testing

Testing Reform in the News -- August 30 - September 10, 2012

A spate of excellent opinion columns in the past week.  In reaction to many journalists' queries about the Chicago teachers strike, we are explaining how this work stoppage fits into the growing national resistance to failed, top-down, test-driven educational policies.

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