Testing Resistance & Reform News: April 8 - 14, 2020

Following the lead of the federal government, which approved all requests for 2020 waivers from tests required under the Every Student Succeeds Act, many states have suspended their own mandates for exams (mis-)used for graduation, grade promotion, teacher evaluation and the like. If your state has not already done so, make sure that ALL testing requirements for 2020 are cancelled by contacting your governor, board of education and legislators.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: April 1 - 7, 2020

Pressure from parents, educators and community leaders has now forced policy makers in all 50 states to apply for and receive waivers from federal testing requirements. But some jurisdictions still need to act to suspend their own standardized exam mandates for high school exit exams, grade promotion, teacher evaluation and similar (mis-)uses.   If any standardized tests are still required in your state this spring, tell your elected officials, allies, and the news media to cancel them ASAP! -- feel free to contact FairTest for help.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 25 - 31, 2020

Most states have now sought waivers from federal testing requirements, which the U.S. Department of Education quickly granted, but several holdouts still need grassroots pressure to lift this burden from students, parents and families  In addition, many states have not yet taken action to suspend their own testing mandates (e.g.

Action Alert! Cancel ALL State K-12 Exams Now -- Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 16-24, 2020

Pressure from grassroots activists and a bipartisan group of policymakers has forced President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos to allow states to suspend federal standardized exam requirements in the wake of the coronavirus. To protect public school children, educators and their families, state leaders must now be pressed to:
  1) Apply immediately for waivers of federal assessment mandates by filing a formal request with the U.S. Department of Education to be relieved of Every Student Succeeds Act testing obligations; AND

Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 11 - 16, 2020 -- Cancel Spring Testing Now!

Response to the coronavirus pandemic dominates this week's testing news, just as it does for other major activities.  As this collection of articles makes clear, there's no excuse for compelling children to sit for standardized exams in this risky environment.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 4 - 10, 2020

With the spring 2020 public school testing season on the horizon, more parents, educators, and community organizers are considering opting out from standardized exams as a tactic to advance assessment reform.  Be sure to check out FairTest's resources on this topic:

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 26 - March 3, 2020

Though many states are cutting back on standardized exam overkill, there are still frequent reports of test cheating, inappropriate high-stakes, and narrowed curriculum, along with stressed out kids (and educators). It's time for K-12 policymakers to replace failed requirements with better forms of assessment just as their higher education colleagues are doing with ACT/SAT-optional undergraduate policies and GRExit graduate admissions.

National Three Seasons of the School Year: Learning, Test Prep, Testing

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 19 - 25, 2020

Cutbacks in the number of standardized tests . . . elimination of high-stakes exam requirements . . .  implementation of performance assessments  -- across the U.S., assessment reformers are winning major policy victories and promoting alternatives that advance better teaching and learning.

Colorado Students Take Advantage of Multiple Pathways to High School Graduation

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 12 - 18, 2020

Anyone who believes that test-and-punish policies are primarily about "reforming" education, not a mix of politics and ideology, should read this week's news clips.  In the K-12 arena, many assessment requirements are faith-based, rather than evidence-driven.  Fortunately, colleges and universities, where data and mission still guide decisions, continue to lead the way beyond reliance on standardized exam scores.

Arizona Governor's Inaccurate Statements About Test Scores Advance Ideological Agenda

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 5 - 11, 2020

Growing grassroots assessment reform pressure is forcing policy makers in many states to review -- and in many cases roll back -- high-stakes testing requirements.  Top priorities include eliminating graduation exam mandates, de-linking teacher evaluations from student scores, and overhauling test-based school grading systems.  Watch this space for announcements of more victories!

Florida Solving the Standardized Testing Conundrum

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