Online Survey Instructions


You may use Google Forms, Survey Monkey, JotForm, or whatever online survey tool you are most familiar with. We hope that you will use our questions, edited to include your state and local tests, and with any additional questions you might want to ask.

Once you have conducted your survey, please share your completed survey results with us! Send the data as an excel file to and to Monty Neill of FairTest (

We developed a template of this survey that is pre-loaded at JotForm is a useful website and free for small-scale use (there are some fees when you collect hundreds of surveys). JotForm allows for easy collection and analysis of your data. Our instructions are below:


Using the JotForm Online Testing Survey Template

Getting Started

·         Click on the link to access the JotForm survey: You will be taken to the base survey template. To edit it for your local use, click on the orange “Use Template” tab.

·         If you don’t already have an account, you can create a JotForm account in order to access the survey. (

Editing the Templat

·         Once you have opened the Survey template, you can edit any element of the survey. An ‘element’ is a question and the answers or the title. Simply click on the element you want to edit.

·         Two small circles will appear on the left hand side, one will be gray with a gear symbol labeled ‘properties’ and the second will be red with a trash can symbol labeled ‘remove.’

·         The properties tab will allow you to change the text of a question or answers, change the label alignment, require that a question be answered, and duplicate questions on the survey. You can use this, for example, to add questions to the survey. You will need to use this tab to insert the names of specific tests you are surveying about.

·         The remove tab takes away elements from the survey once it is clicked. For example, you can use this to remove an entire question.

·         Whenever you remove something a black box will appear on your left hand side allowing you to undo or dismiss the action you made.

·         To add elements to the form, simply click on the black tab on the left titled Add Form Element.

·         Once you click on the tab, the box will open and it is separated into three tabs the only one you need to edit the survey is under the header labeled Basic.

·         Under the Basic header you will be able add any elements you need to edit survey. 

·         Be sure to add all your local tests to the question that reads:Please indicate how useful you find each of the tests that you are required to administer to your students by the school, district, or state. If you do not administer a test listed below, please leave it blank.”You should edit the space holders “(add Test)” and you can always add more rows to accommodate more tests.

·         Once you are finished editing your survey, scroll back up top to where you see add your logo. Be sure to add your local or state affiliate logo to the survey.

Sharing Your Survey

·         In order to share your survey you must click ‘Publish’, which will be at the top of your survey in the orange bar on the left-hand side. 

·         Once you click the publish tab, on the left hand side will be a header labeled quick share.

·         The quick share will have two ways for you to share your survey:direct link of your form and share form.

·         The Direct Link of Your Form is a securely published hyper link of your survey that you can copy by hitting the green copy link tab underneath the hyper link. 

·         Once you hit the green copy link tab it will copy the link to your clipboard, allowing you to paste the link and share it via email. 

·         If you want to share the survey thru social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, stroll down to the share form option and click the purple Share Options button.

·         Different options will pop up. Click the platform you want to share it on. It will prompt you to sign into that platform.

·         Be sure to sign into the platform. Next, it will ask you to write a short message about the survey that prospective respondents will see. Once you have written a short message, click post and it will share it on the platform.

Tracking Survey Submissions

·         Once you have published your survey, you will be able to track submissions at Just find the survey on your list of forms, selection the “More” dropdown list, and click “View Submissions.” You’ll be able to view and track submissions and export the results when you’re done as an Excel file.

·         Please share your completed survey results with us! Send the excel files to and to Monty Neill of FairTest (