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August, 2018 The Examiner is on hiatus. Please see the Weekly News Updates for the latest. FairTest News
May, 2016 A shout out to our supporters FairTest News
May, 2016 We also thank our institutional donors FairTest News
May, 2016 NAEP results show failure of test-and-punish schooling K-12 Testing
May, 2016 Opt-Outs in 2015 Topped 675,000 K-12 Testing
May, 2016 More states drop graduation tests in accelerating national trend K-12 Testing
May, 2016 Test-Optional Surge Continues University Testing
May, 2016 "More than a Score: A guide for activists in the post-NCLB Era" K-12 Testing
May, 2016 Computer Exam SNAFUs Widespread K-12 Testing
May, 2016 SAT Facelift Ignores Test's Basic Flaws University Testing
December, 2015 Congress Passes "No Child Left Behind" Overhaul, Creates Openings for State-Level Change K-12 Testing
December, 2015 Building a Stronger, More Effective Assessment Reform Movement under ESSA K-12 Testing
December, 2015 Opt Outs Surge Past 500,000 Nationwide K-12 Testing
December, 2015 Record ACT/SAT-Optional Admissions Growth University Testing
December, 2015 ACT, SAT, and NAEP Scores All Point to "Test-and-Punish" Failure University Testing
December, 2015 Help Win More Victories FairTest News
November, 2013 New Research, Good Reads K-12 Testing
November, 2013 Common Core Brings a New Chapter of High-Stakes Test Horrors K-12 Testing
November, 2013 College Admissions Tests Show Test-Driven Schooling Failure University Testing
November, 2013 Test-Score Optional Growth Spurt University Testing
November, 2013 Testing Reform Campaigns Explode Across the Nation K-12 Testing
November, 2013 Welcome to the November 2013 FairTest Examiner FairTest News
November, 2013 Recent Materials from FairTest FairTest News
March, 2013 Another “All New, Improved SAT” . . . This Time With Tail Fins? University Testing
March, 2013 FairTest Welcomes New Board Members FairTest News
March, 2013 Materials and Resources from FairTest K-12 Testing
March, 2013 FairTest to Honor Jonathan Kozol at May 9 Ceremony FairTest News
March, 2013 Test Opposition Surges Across the Nation K-12 Testing
October, 2012 More Colleges, Universities Downplay Admissions Tests University Testing
October, 2012 Welcome to the Fall 2012 FairTest Examiner FairTest News
October, 2012 ACT, SAT Scores Show Failure of Test-Driven K-12 Schools University Testing
October, 2012 Performance Assessments Succeed in New York K-12 Testing
October, 2012 Graduation Test Use Declines; Common Core Testing Raises New Issues K-12 Testing
October, 2012 New FairTest Fact Sheets and Resources FairTest News
October, 2012 The State of the National Rebellion Against High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
May, 2012 High-Stakes Testing Cheats Children Out of a Quality Education K-12 Testing
May, 2012 National Testing Resolution Reflects Growing Resistance to High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
May, 2012 Welcome to the FairTest Examiner May 2012 Issue FairTest News
May, 2012 Legal Attack on Biased Firefighter Tests Teacher & Employment Testing
May, 2012 Federal Action and Inaction Produce Testing Deluge K-12 Testing
May, 2012 Data Show Test-Optional Admissions Successes University Testing
January, 2012 Welcome to 2012 Testing Reform Efforts FairTest News
January, 2012 Clark University Goes Test-Optional University Testing
January, 2012 NCLB’s Lost Decade for Educational Progress: What Can We Learn from this Policy Failure? K-12 Testing
September, 2011 FairTest Honors Vito Perrone FairTest News
September, 2011 Significant--Yet Invisible--Report Flunks High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
September, 2011 Administration Offers Bad “Waiver” Plan as Congress Fails to Rewrite Federal Education Law K-12 Testing
September, 2011 New From FairTest FairTest News
September, 2011 Many Test-Optional Colleges Earn Top Rankings University Testing
September, 2011 ACT/SAT Scores Show Test-Driven “Reform” Failure University Testing
September, 2011 SAT Wars: New Book Provides Test-Optional Ammunition University Testing
May, 2011 Welcome to the Spring 2011 Examiner FairTest News
May, 2011 Uncertainty Marks ESEA Reauthorization Efforts: Your Actions Matter K-12 Testing
May, 2011 Another Destructive Idea Sweeps US: Judging Teachers by Student Test Scores K-12 Testing
May, 2011 New Reports, Articles and Fact Sheets K-12 Testing
May, 2011 Changes Loom in Grad School Exams University Testing
May, 2011 Strong Test-Optional Growth Continues University Testing
May, 2011 Stagnant SAT & ACT Results, Growing College Prep. Score Gaps Show Failure of Test-and-Punish “School Reform" University Testing
May, 2010 NYC Firefighter Test Found Intentionally Discriminatory Teacher & Employment Testing
May, 2010 Ravitch Writes Powerful Critique of NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2010 Massachusetts Student Finds Path Around Exit Exam Barrier K-12 Testing
May, 2010 Early Childhood Experts Express ‘Grave Concern’ about Core Standards K-12 Testing
May, 2010 Testing Consortium Guidelines Unlikely to Improve Assessments K-12 Testing
May, 2010 Congress Working on ESEA/NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2010 National Merit Bullies Counselor To Shield Award Bias University Testing
May, 2010 Test-Optional Surge Continues University Testing
May, 2010 Battles Launched Over “Pay for Performance” K-12 Testing
May, 2010 State Updates: End-of-course exam trend continues K-12 Testing
May, 2010 Opportunities Lie Ahead FairTest News
November, 2009 Welcome from Monty Neill FairTest News
November, 2009 Stagnant, Falling College Admissions Test Scores Reflect NCLB Failure University Testing
November, 2009 High School Grades Better Predictors of College Graduation University Testing
November, 2009 One-Third of U.S. Colleges/Universities Now Test-Optional University Testing
November, 2009 Fierce Resistance to Race to the Top Draft Guidelines Wins Modest Changes K-12 Testing
November, 2009 Two Major Books Critically Evaluate Testing K-12 Testing
November, 2009 Will ESEA/NCLB Reauthorization Proceed in 2010? K-12 Testing
November, 2009 Education Department Plans Use of $350 Million in Test Development Funds K-12 Testing
November, 2009 High Stakes Push States to Game the System K-12 Testing
November, 2009 Teachers Say Too Much Testing Undermines Educational Quality K-12 Testing
November, 2009 States Continue Move to End-of-Course Exams K-12 Testing
November, 2009 Paying Teachers for Student Test Scores Damages Schools and Undermines Learning K-12 Testing
July, 2009 Welcome from FairTest Board Member Deborah Meier FairTest News
July, 2009 Forum on Educational Accountability and Broader, Bolder Approach Propose NCLB Overhaul K-12 Testing
July, 2009 NAEP Results Produce More Evidence of NCLB's Failure K-12 Testing
July, 2009 NACAC Joins National Merit Critics University Testing
July, 2009 National Standards Effort Moves Ahead, Creates Backlash K-12 Testing
July, 2009 FairTest-NEA Host National Conference on Transforming Assessment and Accountability K-12 Testing
July, 2009 Research Roundup K-12 Testing
July, 2009 State Assessment Update K-12 Testing
July, 2009 Stimulus Funding Pushes ESEA/NCLB Reauthorization Aside K-12 Testing
July, 2009 Test-Optional Lists Grows Rapidly University Testing
July, 2009 Jesse Mermell Leaves FairTest FairTest News
July, 2009 Mass. Teacher Test Lawsuit Filed Teacher & Employment Testing
July, 2009 Texas Maintains “Top 10%” Automatic Admissions University Testing
March, 2009 Welcome from Executive Director Jesse Mermell FairTest News
March, 2009 U.C. Drops SAT Subject Tests University Testing
March, 2009 Britain Fires U.S. Testing Firm for Massive Scoring Errors University Testing
March, 2009 Test-Optional Admissions List Tops 815 University Testing
March, 2009 New Initiatives Undermine Exam-Maker Credibility University Testing
March, 2009 State Exam Changes Hold Promise, Peril K-12 Testing