College Board Salaries Soar Despite Test Problems

University Testing
In one more vivid example of the lack of managerial accountability that pervades the standardized testing industry (see Examiner, May 2006), newly released federal tax returns reveal that College Board executives continue to suffer no negative consequences from the many problems associated with the introduction of the "new" SAT.


In the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2005, College Board President Gaston Caperton received a salary of just under $600,000 plus benefits of almost $40,000. This represents a raise of nearly ten percent over the previous year. Nine College Board vice presidents and senior managers were each paid more than $300,000 annually each, and at least sixteen others topped the $200,000 per year mark.


College Board revenues for 2004-2005 totaled $485 million compared to $462 million in expenses. That left an annual surplus of $23 million, which was added to an organizational fund balance now worth $272 million, a figure which includes a headquarters office building directly across the street from Lincoln Center in New York City.