NAEP Reading Scores Show Testing Mania Fails to Improve Learning; Education Quality Undermined for Low-Income, Minority Children

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Boston Parents Say No to the MCAS

Monday, April 9, 2001

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California Teachers Association Statement - March 2001

The California Teachers Association adopted the following statement at the State Council meeting of March 24-25, 2001. This statement was the work of several Council committees and was adopted with the support of the executive officers.

The three paragraphs of rationale are all based on existing CTA policy. The thirteen bullets lay out a legislative agenda.

SAT Score Report: Fixation on Biased, Useless Test Results Undermines Educational Equity and Excellence

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Droppout Numbers in Boston Public Schools 1996-2000

Droppout Numbers in Boston Public


* Students who drop out of Boston's middle
grades make up an increasing proportion of all middle grades
dropouts in Massachusetts. In 1995-96, one fifth (20.2%) of
the state's middle grades dropouts came from Boston. In 1999-2000,
almost three fifths (58.2%) of the state's middle grades dropouts

High-Stakes Testing Flunks - USA Today op-ed September 7, 1999.

By Monty Neill

The latest "school reform" scheme backed by politicians and business leaders who have never spent a day in a classroom teaching children is high-stakes testing -- requiring students to pass a standardized exam before they can be promoted or graduate.

"SAT/ACT Optional" Admissions Enhances Equity and Excellence At Growing Number of U.S. Colleges

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