Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 14 -20 , 2018

This week's wave of stories highlights the growing recognition that standardized exam scores are a poor way to measure progress of students, teachers or schools. That's a major reason why the assessment reform movement is rapidly expanding across the country.

Arkansas Even School "Reformers" Doubt Value of Test Scores as Measure of Success

Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 7 -13 , 2018

This week's news stories -- from a third of all U.S. states and around the world -- shows the growing impact of grassroots organizing to replace high-stakes exams with better types of assessments. Policy-makers are clearly beginning to heed the "Less Testing, More Learning" message:  

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 28 -March 6, 2018

With annual school exam season underway in several states, the opt-out movement is rapidly accelerating.  Here's a new FairTest guide to why you can boycott standardized tests without fear of federal penalties:

California School Board Questions Bill Allowing ACT/SAT as State High School Test

Delaware Students Deserve More Than a Label Determined by Test Scores

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 21 - 27, 2018

With state testing season beginning in some states as soon as next week, FairTest is pleased to offer freshly updated, free fact sheets on how to opt-out.  Please circulate widely!

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 14 - 20, 2018

Defenders of test-and-punish policies who claim that assessment reform is limited to progressive coastal states should read this week's stories from places such as Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah. The push back against standardized exam overuse and misuse is truly an expanding nationwide movement.

Florida Testing Doesn't Effectively Measure Intelligence or Achievement

Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 7 - 13, 2018

The 2018 school testing season is already on the horizon.  That means more local organizing against standardized exam overkill leading to heightened attention by policy-makers to assessment reform.  As always, the more grassroots pressure, the better the prospects for meaningful change.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 31 - February 6, 2018

With stories about assessment reform appearing in fully one-third of all U.S. states over just the past week, it is clear that the movement to eliminate standardized exam misuse and overuse continues to accelerate across the country.

Alabama District Criticizes State's School Report Card

California Parents Applaud Multi-Measures School Performance "Dashboard"

State ESSA Plans: Uneven Progress Toward Better Assessment and Accountability

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Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 24 - 30, 2018

Week after week, news stories demonstrate the many ways test-driven schooling is failing students, families, educators and taxpayers. It's no wonder, then, that the assessment reform movement continues to grow across the U.S. 

Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 17-23, 2018

The drumbeat of evidence documenting the damage to educational quality and equity from high-stakes exams is forcing policymakers to reconsider their commitment to testing overuse and misuse. Look for many more assessment reform victories as 2018 state legislative sessions move into high gear.

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