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High Quality Assessment for Instruction and Accountability
An FEA Webinar

FEA Press Release on proposed "No Child" Overhaul

Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA)

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A Child Is Not a Test Score: Assessment as a Civil Rights Issue

Monty Neill's article, "A Child Is Not a Test Score:
Assessment as a Civil Rights Issue,
" from the Fall 2009 issue of Root and
, is avaiable here.
Root and Branch, published by the Advancement

Potential Principles for Building High-Quality State Assessment Systems


The following principles are drawn from the report of the Expert Panel on Assessment of the Forum on Educational Accountability and represent a launching point from which conference discussions on what is necessary to construct high-quality assessment and accountability systems may begin.

1. Ensure all students have equitable and adequate access to the resources needed to succeed.

2. Construct comprehensive and coherent systems of state and local assessments of student learning that:

FairTest - NEA State Assessment Reform Conference

Materials from FairTest-National Education Association State Assessment Reform Conference

Transforming State Assessment Systems: Conference Materials

In May 2009, FairTest and the National Education Association held a conference on transforming state assessment systems. Materials from this conference include:

- Potential Principles for Building High-Quality State Assessment Systems (a starting point for conference discussions)

FairTest's testimony on graduation tests to the Maryland Board of Ed.

FairTest's Monty Neill presented invited testimony on graduation tests and alternatives to the Maryland Board of Education. The letter also appears attached at the bottom as a formatted PDF:


October 21, 2008

James DeGraffenreidt, Chair
Members of the State Board of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Copies sent by regular mail and e-mail

Dear Chairman DeGraffenreidt and Members of the Maryland Board of Education,

Article discusses CARE Authentic Accountability plan

Article discusses CARE Authentic Accountability

The excerpts below discuss the Massachusetts Coalition for
Authentic Reform in Education (CARE) Call for an Authentic Statewide
Assessment System.

Attributes of a School to Assess in a Review

Attributes of a School to Assess in a Review
by Ron Berger

Physical Facilities:

Location, Accessibility
Scope: Adequacy for All Purposes
Physical Condition and Repair
Cleanliness; Care of the Building
Display of Student Work and Achievement in the Building
Level of Student Respect for the Physical Facilities


How the Principles and Indicators for Student Assessment Systems Should Affect Practice

Monty Neill, Ed.D.
Excecutive Director
National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest)

Paper presented to the AERA Annual Meeting,
New York City, April 9, 1996  (Minor revisions, April 17,

Transforming Student Assessment

By D. Monty Neill

In a "get tough" environment in which we are seeing
an increase in the use of graduation and even grade-promotion
tests, more testing seems to be on the agenda. Yet the problems
with traditional testing have not gone away, Mr. Neill warns.
He suggests a better approach.

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