State Resources & Assessment Reform Network

Assessment Reform Network

FairTest's Assessment Reform Network — a national project created to support parents, teachers, students and others who are working to end the overuse and misuse of standardized testing in public education and to promote authentic forms of assessment.

Fundamentally a network of local level volunteers dedicated to making assessment fair, open and educationally sound, our goal is to open the doors to disadvantaged children by removing barriers to achievement, while improving the quality of education for everyone. Our primary strategy is to facilitate an exchange of ideas, resources and strategies among a wide audience. If you want to learn more about testing and assessment, talk to others who share your concerns, or learn how to take action, the ARN is a great place to get started.

You can also sign up for our Assessment Reform Network (ARN) listserv to receive relevant news and information on upcoming actions.

State by State Resources

FairTest works closely with test reform groups and individuals in nearly every state in the nation. If you are looking to connect with others in your community or state, see our state-by-state list of FairTest Assessment Reform Network volunteer coordinators and their contact information as well as contact information for other groups and individuals working on test reform. Many have useful websites and Facebook pages (below).